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Specialists in Fish & Reptile Keeping!

Tropical, Marine, Cold Water and Pond fish

Dry Goods, Plants and Food ( live & frozen )

Reptiles, Equipment and Food ( live & frozen )

Mammals, Invertebrates & Amphibians

Expert advice and guidance

Tri-Mar Aquaria is a Cornish fish keeping institution and multiple Practical Fish Keeping (PFK) award winner. 


We've been selling fish since 1966 and have been sending them by post under the 'Fish2YourDoor' brand for many years. Over that time, we added Reptiles, Invertebrates and Mammals to our stock too - making us home Cornwall's largest collection!

We hold a huge range of livestock and dry goods with regular deliveries each week to ensure freshness. We're experts in selling, keeping & breeding all of the livestock we offer and all of our staff are ready to share their advice and guide you in keeping and maintaining products that you purchase from us. If you have any questions or just need some advice, then please get in touch! We look forwards to welcoming you.


Make sure to follow our Social Media feeds on Facebook and Instagram for newly added stock each week!

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Repties, Mammals & Invertebrates
Live Food

Subscriptions available on all Live Food products! Receive your chosen product either monthly, fortnightly or weekly - we have plans to suit all of your requirements.

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Habistat Spider Starter

Everything you need to get started!



Reptile Setups

Take a look at some of our full Reptile Setups - available to buy now in our store.

Habistat Bearded Dragon Kit

The perfect all-in-one home for your animal!



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Reptiles, Mammals & Invertebrates
Live Food
Live Food Subscriptions
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