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  • Borneo Sucker

Borneo Sucker


The Spotted Borneo Sucker is a very interesting freshwater loach that is found in shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters in Western Borneo. They are a good addition to community aquariums and an interesting oddity which is also a useful scavenger. As they prefer well-oxygenated water, their aquarium should be well aerated and have good water movement (e.g. power head/filter). A water temperature of 20 -25°C is preferable to maximise dissolved oxygen level, an important prerequisite for keeping this fish.

Diet should consist of sinking dried foods, regular meals of live or frozen daphnia, brine shrimp or bloodworms.  The presence of algae is also essential to maintain optimum health. Having areas with a lot of rock, wood and other surfaces will help encourage algae growth, which is beneficial to their diet.

The Spotted Borneo Sucker is a very social species, especially as an adult, so it should be kept in groups. Most small rasboras, tetras, hillstream loaches, gobies, and other small, peaceful fish are good tankmates for this species. Since they inhabit similar waterways, many smaller freshwater goby species are ideal tankmates as well. Due to its small size and diet, the Borneo Sucker can also be kept with dwarf shrimp, although it might eat a few of their fry. Dwarf shrimp are particularly good tankmates in larger aquariums where they can find areas of lower water flow. Peaceful bottom-dwelling fish are also a possibility, but care must be taken to make sure that the Borneo Sucker is not outcompeted for food.

  • Species – Gastromyzon punctulatus
  • Common Name – Borneo Sucker, Hillstream Loach, Myer’s Hillstream loach, Butterfly Pleco or Chinese Hillstream Loach
  • Origin – Malaysian
  • Diet – carnivorous
  • PH Range – 6 – 7.5
  • Temperature – Tropical 20°c – 25°c
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