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Trimar Aquaria and Reptiles

  • ZCabinet for 24x18x18 Vivarium

ZCabinet for 24x18x18 Vivarium



- Use to create a stand-alone display
- Enough room to store all essentials
- Easy to assemble
- Available in a wide variety of sizes


The HabiStat Cabinet combined with either the HabiStat Standard or Glass-Sided Vivarium makes the ultimate stand-alone display. With more than enough room to store all your essentials, you won't want to be without one! Manufactured from 18mm thick melamine for enhanced durability, all our cabinets have built-in storage space for your accessories.

Easy to assemble using an Allen Key (included), all cabinets are delivered flat-packed with step by step instructions.

Available in an Oak or Black finish in a wide variety of sizes. 

Please note pegs are included to hold the Vivarium in place making the complete unit very secure. All our cabinets have been tried and tested for practicality and durability.

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