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  • Urau Cichlid - Small

Urau Cichlid - Small


The Uaru Cichlid Uaru amphiacanthoides presents one of the most unique body shapes and coloring in cichlid family. Its normal adult coloring is a silvery gray color marked by a single, large dark tear shaped spot in the middle of the body and another at the base of the tail. Juvenile Uaru Cichlids are similar in coloring but will have a general white speckling over most of their body and a golden fringe edging their tear drop spots. These special characteristics will fade as the fish grows older, generally disappearing altogether by the time they are 3-4 inches in length.

In addition to Uaru Cichlid also known as the Triangle Cichlid (a homage to the adult’s triangle shaped body), and Waroo. This cichlid, described by Heckel in 1840, is one of two recognized Uaru species which share the name “Triangle Cichlid”.

This intelligent cichlid makes a great pet. They are likened to the Discus and were at one time dubbed “the poor man’s discus”. Like the Discus, they are a challenging species to maintain and breed. One of the main attractions of this cichlid is when it is spawning. Then this fish really become imposing. The tear drop becomes large and black with just a bit of brown or gray around the edges, and the eyes light up like lanterns becoming bright orangish red. With their typical cichlid nature they come to know and respond to their owner and many owners report they are one of the if not the most intelligent aquarium fish

  • Species – Uaru Amphiacanthoides
  • Common Name – Uaru Cichlid, Triangle Cichlid
  • Origin – South America; Amazon River
  • Diet – Omnivore
  • PH Range – 6 – 7
  • Temperature – Tropical 24–28°c
  • Breed Type – Egg layer
  • Current Size – approximately 6-7cm (Grows to approximately 25cm)
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