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  • Columbian Tetras

Columbian Tetras


The Red Colombian Tetra is a relatively recent addition to the list of aquarium specimens available for sale. This tetra is a somewhat larger tetra than can be semi-aggressive with smaller tank mates and may fin nip fish with larger fins.

They do really well in schools (shoal) of 6 or more and may be behave better if kept in schools.

They come from Colombia, South America - hence the common name.


It is difficult to determine the difference between male Colombian Tetras and females by visible signs, but the female should appear slightly thicker when swelling with eggs.

They should accept common aquarium foods such as flake, frozen and freeze dried foods. They are not picky.

It's always a good idea to quarantine your Colombian Tetras before introducing them to your main tank so that you can monitor them for disease and also provide them with optimal water conditions and no competition from other tank mates for fish food. They look great in tanks full of live aquarium plants.

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