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  • Moonlight Gouramis

Moonlight Gouramis


The moonlight gourami (Trichopodus microlepis), also known as the moonbeam gourami, is a medium-size freshwater labyrinth fish originating from South-East Asia.

This fish is native to the slow-running rivers of the tropical regions of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. It comes from the broader family of gouramis, or Osphronemidae.

The moonlight gourami is a popular choice for both experienced and novice aquarists due to its peaceful nature and unique silver coloring which makes it stand out from the crowd in any fish tank.

This fish is relatively easy to care for due to its adaptability, and it brings sparkle and color to any aquarium. However, you should be careful to provide moonlight gouramis with acceptable tank conditions and ensure these fish can enjoy enough space and familiar tropical water temperatures.

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