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  • -Featherfin Synodontis L

-Featherfin Synodontis L


The featherfin catfish, or featherfin squeaker as they are also known; are a truly beautiful catfish found around Africa. Growing to a max size of 11 inches, they aren’t for small aquaria; they do best in tanks of 170+ litres.

They get their name from their large feather like fin, and their ability to make squeaking noises by rubbing their pectoral fins together.

They can make for superb centre piece fish, readily accepting a wide variety of foods, however much care should be taken when choosing tank mates; as they can and will easily push other fish around (including large cichlids). They are often seen in malawi tank set-ups, where they can easily establish themselves as the alpha fish; with their bulletproof scales and stubborn temperament.

A soft substrate does best to allow them to sift and scavenge, they also appreciate hiding places they can lay a territory claim to.

Warmer water is preferred, around 26 degrees.

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