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  • Black and White King Snake cb23

Black and White King Snake cb23


California kingsnakes’ natural range is limited to the western United States. Found throughout California, they also occur in southwestern Oregon, southern Nevada and Utah, and most of Arizona. They can often be found underneath leaf litter, man-made structures and other debris.

These diurnal constrictors are aggressive and skilled hunters. Their diet includes rodents, lizards, birds and bird eggs. Kingsnakes are also ophiophagous; they can and will eat other snakes. In fact, this nonvenomous snake can even kill and devour highly venomous snakes.

In the wild, California kingsnakes are normally either banded or striped, and their colors range between black and brown with white or yellow markings. In banded animals the light color forms rings around the circumference of the snake’s body. Bands are usually wider approaching the snake’s belly. Striped animals display a light-colored stripe on the dorsal surface running longitudinally. Albino and lavender morphs have also been found to occur naturally in certain £28.50

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