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Trimar Aquaria and Reptiles

  • Red Honey Gouramis

Red Honey Gouramis


Honey Gouramis are a small fish who only grow to around 3 inch in length (2 inch for females) and they are incredibly peaceful and playful fish.

Just like most other Gouramis, the Honey Gourami is an omnivorous fish. They will do well with almost any type of food but as always, we recommend feeding your omnivorous fish a varied diet to not only make sure they are getting all of the nutrition they need but to also keep them happy.

Tropical fish flake foods or pellets are a good base food, but every now and then you can supplement with fresh vegetables, freeze-dried blood worms, algae and occasionally some live food.

A good quality flake or pellet is an affordable way to make sure your fish get all of the proper nutrition they need to maintain their health and colours.

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