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  • /Mexican Red Rump-Tliltocatl vagans Spiderling

/Mexican Red Rump-Tliltocatl vagans Spiderling


Tliltocatl vagans – Mexican red rump Tarantula



This is a medium sized spider that inhabits quite a range in Central America. This spider is often brown/black on its legs and body, the abdomen is covered in long red guard hairs giving this species its common name the red rump. This species is usually quite calm and not considered defensive although if stressed has the ability to urticate (flick irritating hairs from the abdomen. T. vagans requires a temperature of 25 degrees C and a relative humidity of 65% - 75%. this species can be recommended for the novice keeper.


Photo is for illustration purposes only, Not the exact animal unless stated otherwise.



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    photos are for illustration use only, not of the actual spider unless otherwise stated 

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