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  • .Mexican red knee-Brachypelma hamorii sling

.Mexican red knee-Brachypelma hamorii sling


Brachypelma hamroii – Mexican Red Knee Tarantula


This is a medium to large species of spider originating from Central America and Mexico. This species is very similar to the Mexican Orange Knee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) having the orange/red markings on its knee joints. It also has a brown/black abdomen and a black/brown carapace with an orange ring around it. This is considered a relatively calm species that has the ability to flick urticating hairs from its abdomen. B. hamorii requires a temperature around 25 degrees C and a relative humidity of 70% - 80%. It also requires a hide to seek refugia. This species is suitable for beginner and the novice keeper.


Photo is for illustration purposes only, Not the exact animal unless stated otherwise.

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