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Trimar Aquaria and Reptiles

  • Lyonsi Cichlid ML

Lyonsi Cichlid ML


Scientific name: Amphilophus lyonsi

Origin: Recorded from the Dupi River system in Panama and the Coto River and Bosque Alegre National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica. 

Size: Adults should reach at least 20-25cm/8"-10". 

Diet: Wild fish feed on the larvae of aquatic insects, snails, detritus and plant material, inc the foliage and seeds of overhanging plants. Tank specimens will take pelleted and flaked foods, bulky frozen foods. 

Habitat: Lives alongside the giant cichlid Parachromis dovii in lakes in Costa Rica, but also in large rivers and streams. Conkel (1993) says the fish is found in moderate flow over a sandy substrate. 

Water: Most cichlids from this region are unfussy, providing the water is moderately hard and alkaline. Data for other cichlids from the region suggests a pH of 7.5, 2-10GH, 25-29C/77-85F.

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