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  • /L191  Royal Panaque ML 6-7”

/L191 Royal Panaque ML 6-7”


Scientific Name:Panaque nigrolineatus
Common Name(s): L191, Dull eyed Royal pleco,  Royal Pleco, Green Panaque
Type Locality: Calabozo, Venezuela
Life Span: 20 years+ if well cared fore
Maximum Size: 18 inches or so
Natural Habitat: South American rivers and streams
Minimum Tank Size: 300 Litres
Tank Region: Bottom
Possible Tank Mates: Pretty much anything goes.

L191’s are almost identical to L190 in almost every way apart from eye colour

Description: Strong and potentially large fish the Royal Panaque is a lovely addition to any tank large enough to support it. Featuring strong colouration and distinct orange eyes (although these can vary from bright orange to dull red) they are a fascinating fish to watch. With a strikingly different body shape to the more streamlined pleco’s these fish are almost hump back with their eyes pretty close to their mouth but with big bulking bodies.
They are a little shy while smaller preferring to hide in dark corners/caves/tubes until the tank lights go out however once fully settled into a tank and with a little growing time behind they are often seen out and about even with the lights on. They are much more sensitive to temperature variations than other plecs and like nice clean water and stable tank temperatures.

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