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  • *Kenyan Sand Boa cb23

*Kenyan Sand Boa cb23

Introducing the stunning Kenyan Sand Boa cb23, a beloved addition to any reptile enthusiast's collection. This non-venomous, burrowing snake is native to East Africa and is known for its striking orange and brown coloration. At an average length of 24-36 inches, these boas are relatively small in size, making them a manageable and low-maintenance pet. With a docile temperament and a preference for sand substrate, the Kenyan Sand Boa is an ideal choice for beginner reptile owners. For just £28.50, we offer delivery of these charming creatures straight to your door, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process for aspiring snake owners. Don't miss the chance to bring home your very own Kenyan Sand Boa and experience the joys of owning these captivating reptiles.
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