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  • Channa Pulchra L

Channa Pulchra L

The Channa Pulchra Sm, also known as the dwarf snakehead, is a small and beautiful fish that is native to the clear rivers and streams of Southeast Asia. This fish is a unique addition to any freshwater aquarium, as it features stunning coloration and a compact size.With a maximum size of around 5 inches, the Channa Pulchra Sm is an excellent choice for aquarium hobbyists with limited space. This fish is relatively peaceful, but it should not be kept with smaller tankmates, as it may prey on them. The Channa Pulchra Sm thrives in heavily planted tanks with plenty of hiding spots, and it prefers warm water with a slightly acidic pH.Overall, the Channa Pulchra Sm is a fascinating and visually striking fish that will captivate any aquarium enthusiast. Its striking appearance and manageable size make it an appealing choice for both beginner and experienced fish keepers.
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