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Trimar Aquaria and Reptiles

  • *Blue vietnamese-Chilobrachys dysclosus Juvi

*Blue vietnamese-Chilobrachys dysclosus Juvi


Chilobrachys dysclosus – Vietnam Blue Tarantula


This is a medium sized spider from Vietnam. This is a brown spider with a lovely blue iridescence on the legs and carapace. This is a fossorial species that requires the option to burrow in the captive state. This species can be very defensive and will rear up and attempt to bite, it is also extremely fast moving. This spider will silk up heavily. This species requires a temperature about 25 degrees C and a humidity of 70% - 80%. This spider is not suitable for the novice or beginner and requires care and a level of experience.
Photo is for illustration purposes only, Not the exact animal unless stated otherwise.

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    photos are for illustration use only, not of the actual spider unless otherwise stated 

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